With a Profile Photo and Voice Sample Remortal will ReAnimate your departed Loved One
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See & Hear Your Loved One
Your Loved One undoubtedly played a meaningful role in your life. We are excited to present Remortal, our attempt to capture and continue that meaningful role. Remortal can re-illuminate the best facets of your Loved One. You must see this with your own eyes, it's pretty amazing!

Getting Started

When the app first opens it will begin a 6-8 minute setup process. Before you download Remortal it would be helpful if you have:

Profile Photo Tips

An ideal profile photo features:

  • Professional photo that is evenly lit
  • Your Loved One looking directly into the camera
  • Plain background
  • Focus should be on the head and neck area
  • Only one person in the frame
  • Save photo to device's Photos library

Need a Voice Sample?

If you need a voice sample you can use one of the files below.

  1. (iPhone/iPad)Save to Files by clicking and holding file name
  2. Select Download Linked File
  3. Once inside the Remortal app on the Voice Sample page click Add From File Folder button.
  4. Your saved voice file will likely be in On My iPhone/iPad -> Downloads

US Female voice sample 1

US Female voice sample 2

US Male voice sample 1

US Male voice sample 2

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