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Introducing ArchiveOne™

Life Archive

The archive features a suite of tools to organize your memories and more are on the way. We use the term archive but we might be underselling this a little. As your information is stored and your archive grows, you're able to view it several multimedia formats.

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Creating an ArchiveOne archive is fast and easy. Step one, is creating an account or logging in with an existing Apple, Facebook, Microsoft or Twitter account. Step Two, create your first profile. Step Three, login to your archive. If you prefer you can manage your archive using ArchiveOne POD you install on your PC, Mac or iPhone/iPad.
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ArchiveOne™ Includes These Features

Timeline OF your LIFE

When your memories are assembled, enjoy an amazing dynamic timeline of your life. Play Timeline Demo Now!

Curated Question Path

A collection of questions which quickly reveal your unique personal journey.

Life Events Catalog

Catalog your life events, large and small. Include images, locations and guest lists.

Family Tree Maker

Store details of family members, view them on a family tree and include them in events. See Example

Photo Organization

Organize your photos into life events rather than in general galleries.

Locations & Institutions

Schools, clubs, jobs, hometown and more. Store details of important locations and institutions.

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Hear about new and updates.

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