"Time is an illusion."
Albert Einstein -
ArchiveOne walks you through life's most important moments where you will be prompted to enter your perspectives, memories, opinions and photos. In addition to following a curated path you can archive events and predefined milestones.
ArchiveOne consists of two components- the POD, which is installed on your phone or personal computer, and the Archive web interface. Your name, birthdate and profile image are stored in the POD on your personal device (phone or personal computer). The POD is then used to access the web interface. Your memories and images added through the web interface are stored in our systems without your name, birthdate and profile image.
A user is the person or account that sets up the ArchiveOne POD. A subject is an archive of someone's life. Jane Smith might set up an archive for her mother Mary. Jane is the user and her mother Mary is the subject. Jane might also set up an archive for herself, which would mean she would have two subjects.
The ArchiveOne POD allows you to create and manage 10 subjects.
Of course! The idea of ArchiveOne is to encourage you to archive your life and the lives of your loved ones, both living and departed. Create an archive for your great grandmother. Create archives for your children.
ArchiveOne allows you to make an entry for every event in your life. In addition, the curated path is comprised of several hundred questions. It might be an unrealistic goal to try to "complete" your archive. As you work on your archive you can track your progress with the charts on the homepage or by viewing a multimedia presentation of your life and archive. After 3-4 hours most people can see the rough outlines of their archive taking shape. We encourage you to set aside an hour or two per week to update your archive.