"Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality"
Emily Dickinson -


ArchiveOne™ is a platform where you can archive the lives of yourself and your loved ones. While archiving your life you will naturally enter personal information into our systems.


Archive.Life uses three types of cookies-
Site functionality- Google reCaptcha verifies email form submitters are actually people and not machines.
Site preferences- Cookies are used to save your site preferences. For example, a popup may appear and ask if you want to participate in a new program. Let's say you decide not to participate. A cookie allows Archive.Life to save your preference so that popup doesn't appear on every subsequent page you visit.
Site Analytics- Archive.LIfe uses a Google Analytics cookie to understand more about visitors. Google Analytics does not reveal personally identifiable information.

ArchiveOne POD-
After the ArchiveOne POD connects to your archive using a web browser, cookies are set in order to maintain your authorization access to your archive.

Protecting Your Information

We attempt to protect your identity by employing several measures including not storing your name, birthdate and profile image on our company network; such information is stored on your ArchiveOne™ POD which is software you install on your personal computer. Your ArchiveOne™ POD is used to login to your ArchiveOne™ archive ("web interface"). During the login process your name, birthdate and profile photo are sent to your archive where they are viewable for the duration of your session.

To build a comprehensive archive of your life, you may enter enough locations, image and personal associations that your identity could, in theory, be deduced. However, your assembled archives are not viewable by vendors or third parties without your explicit permission.

We Sometimes Analyze Archive Data

There is question a answer component of an ArchiveOne™ archive. We may do in-house analyses of your responses that have been anonymized.

Deleting Your Data

ArchiveOne™ allows you to delete your personal identifying images and information. Additionally, your ArchiveOne™ POD is a software application that you can uninstall from your device if you desire.


ArchivePix™ is a secure app that operates completely on your Apple device (iPhone/iPad). Your images and data never leave your device unless you intentionally share an image with friends or family. By default, your captured images are stored solely in the ArchivePix™ app. In the settings menu on the Capture tab you can configure AchivePix to store images directly in your devices built-in photos app. If the ArchivePix™ app is deleted all captured image will also be deleted unless you have configured ArchivePix™ to save images outside of the app.